Desk Egg is a unique paper clip holder

by edwin - on December 12th, 2013

Some folks are absolutely serious in their work, so much so that their desk itself remains uncluttered all of the time, and if you were to ask them to pull out a particular file from whatever date, they can do so in a jiffy. Well, this would also mean that the rest of their stationery are in good order, but also expect it to be boring. With the $16.99 Desk Egg Paper Clip Holder, it surely adds a dash of life to any boring desk. The Desk Egg itself is a huge magnet that has been shaped in the form of a – you’ve guessed it, an egg. Whenever there is a wayward paper clip, all you need to do is place it on the Desk Egg and it will remain there, and when there are more than enough paper clips around it, it would look like a nest. Neat, eh?

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