Creepy Doll Heads Salt & Pepper Shakers

by edwin - on December 4th, 2013

I don’t know about you, but meal times are meant to be pleasant affairs. Instead, you might end up with a rather macabre set of results with no one conversing at the table, while some others might actually lose their appetites when they see this set of $10.95 Creepy Doll Heads Salt & Pepper Shakers. These happen to be ceramic salt and pepper shakers that resemble the heads of decapitated antique dolls, lending an air of eeriness about them. They happen to stand approximately 3” in height, and come with relevant holes on top so that the seasoning will be able to come out. Not only that, each purchase would arrive in an equally creepy illustrated box, so why not pick one up and prepare for next Halloween instead?

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