Apocalypse Snow Globe

by edwin - on December 29th, 2013

Many people have cited the end of the world for the longest time, and different dates have come and gone by already, and here we are still plunging headlong into the 21st century without batting an eyelid. New discoveries are being made every day, folks are getting married (and divorced), and not too many people give a hoot about the possible apocalypse. Well, the $12.99 Apocalypse Snow Globe is a worthy reminder to those who do not think of such things, especially when you have it placed right smack in front of you. Who knows? It might actually prove to be the catalyst for you to do the thing you’ve always wanted to do instead of sitting in front of the computer, being stuck in a dead end job. This Apocalypse Snow Globe will feature a destroyed cityscape, and it is a grim reminder to all of us that eventually, things will come to and end one day, even great civilizations.

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