Titanic Gravy Boat

by edwin - on November 12th, 2013

The unsinkable Titanic did not manage to complete its maiden voyage, as it ironically sank halfway through despite the boast that even God Himself is unable to sink it. Famous last words, but with the $59.99 Titanic Gravy Boat, you definitely have nothing to worry about such as dead bodies which are frozen, floating in the midst of the eerie silence in the night. However, there will be some sort of drowning involved, and I am referring to drowning your favorite food in an entire boatload of gravy. The amount of gravy inside should be of titanic proportions, if I may say so, and no iceberg is definitely going to sink this bad boy. All gravy that comes out from it will appear via a hole in the hull. It is best to hand wash this, as you can never quite be able to tell just how much gravy is left behind in the different nooks and crannies.

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