Talking Mustache Keychain

by edwin - on November 10th, 2013

I am someone who is far from hirsute, and have been trying (unsuccessfully) to grow a mustache. Well, I guess that I have my ancestry to blame, and life does throw me some curve balls once in a while. Thankfully, there are always opportunities to make up, and the $5.99 Talking Mustache Keychain could very well be one of them. Sure, it will not mean that I will have a mustache growing like nobody’s business tomorrow, but at least I can always fiddle with this every single day without fail, trying to twirl the end of the mustache as though it is on my face. This unique keychain will say, “Well, Hello There…” in a suave manner whenever you press the button, which could come in handy to help you break the ice when you are about to chat up one of the prettiest things you have ever seen in your life.

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