Roasted Turkey Hat

by edwin - on November 19th, 2013

Some items do need a lengthy explanation as to what it is all about, while the others basically require nothing to be said. After all, wasn’t it the wise saying that went like this, “A picture speaks a thousand words”? Just take a look at the $8.95 Roasted Turkey Hat above, and you might struggle to have a hundred words spill out of your mouth. Yes, this is a rather strange oxymoron, considering how weird it would look on any head, but then again, since Christmas is coming soon, it makes perfect sense to let your hair down and party like there is no tomorrow, so why not go wild with the Roasted Turkey Hat? It is also ideal for Thanksgiving Day gatherings, Christmas parties, and other household meetings, unless you want to look absolutely ridiculous wearing a suit and tie with this on your head in a business meeting.

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