Mustache Luggage Tag

by edwin - on November 8th, 2013

If you ever want to check out how some people are like (such as their personality), just see how they tag their luggage whenever you are waiting for yours at the carousel. Some folks protect their luggage as though it is the crown jewels, all wrapped up in plastic at each departure point. Others could not care less, and treat it as though the next item on their shopping list is a new piece of luggage. Even others hope to make it easier to identify their own luggage by placing a luggage tag on it. Well, if you fall into that category, forget about regular luggage tags. How about using the $8.99 Mustache Luggage Tag instead? It will truly be a unique luggage tag that will be difficult to miss and be mistaken by others, and best of all is, it is instant without requiring you to grow it yourself.

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