Knocked-Up Nancy Pregnant Doll

by edwin - on November 13th, 2013

If you are a lady, would you prefer to go through a C-section or to go through a natural childbirth? Regardless, the way toys are made these days tend to be extremely high tech, but with the $11.99 Knocked-Up Nancy Pregnant Doll, it is definitely something out of the ordinary. Heck, it is far from being biologically correct, considering how the Knocked-Up Nancy Pregnant Doll comes with a removable delivery hatch. In fact, she looks just like an ordinary Barbie Doll whom Ken has already left after knocking her up. Lifting up her dress, you will see her bulging mommy-to-be belly. You are able to remove the rubber belly, and within her plastic womb, you will find a little baby. Remove the baby and she will have lost all her weight to her non-pregnant days.

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