Inflatable Tongue

by edwin - on November 20th, 2013

We have seen our fair share of inflatable items in the past, but this one is definitely something else. The $3.99 Inflatable Tongue would be a kooky way to freak folks out, despite riding on the wings of an old school novelty, don’t you think so? Unlike a flat tire, this extremely flexible Inflatable Tongue is a snap to puff up, where all you need to do is to blow into the pacifier tip, and the tongue will be able to inflate to 3 times it’s original size, which would measure at approximately 6 inches in length. KISS fans will definitely be able to identify with this unique tongue, while your family and friends get grossed out. Just make sure this is one tongue that the cat will not get to, otherwise it would deflate in a jiffy with those sharp claws of a feline.

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