iGlam Lipstick Stylus

by edwin - on November 6th, 2013

Most of us do own some sort of tablet or touchscreen device, and before using fingers alone on a touchscreen device was popular, having a stylus was more or less mandatory. Aren’t you glad that you no longer need to tote around a stylus to make use of your tablet? For those who feel that they like to accessorize their respective tablets, then a stylus would come in handy, although it is far from compulsory. This is what the $13.99 iGlam Lipstick Stylus is all about, and the name of it says it all. Specially disguised in the form of a classic red tube of lipstick, the iGlam Lipstick Stylus can be twisted to reveal a perfect screen stylus, making it ideal for touching up documents on the go. More importantly it keeps you screen free of fingerprints, and it comes only in one color – Voltaic Red.

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