Golf Drinking Game

by edwin - on November 20th, 2013

Drinking games can be a rather tricky minefield to navigate through, even if your liver is able to take in copious amounts of alcohol without you feeling tipsy at the end of the night. Well, it does offer an opportunity to bond with someone over a meal, and with the $19.99 Golf Drinking Game, it would add a totally new dimension as to how drinking games are played. Definitely the ideal crazy gift to get for that somebody in your life who is absolutely nuts about the game of golf. How does the Golf Drinking Game work? It sports a mini course, where you will need to take turns to strike a ball. Keep track of the score as to how many strikes are required to get to the hole, and that would be the amount of drinks you will need to knock back afterwards. Each purchase comes with a Felt Golf Green with Water and Bunker Hazards, 6 Shot Glasses, 2 Golf Putters, 3 Golf Balls and a Flag Pole.

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