Tray Bien Serving Tray

by edwin - on October 4th, 2013

Wordsmiths will definitely be able to appreciate the nuances of a particular language, and in the case of the $10.99 Tray Bien Serving Tray, you will definitely have a good time trying to stifle that chuckle. After all, it is the average serving tray but with a twist to its name – since it apologizes for its own pun in a comical manner. Definitely the ideal serving tray if the folks over in your home or house party are people who appreciate dry humor. Not only is it sarcastic, it is also styled in a retro manner. The Tray Bien Serving Tray will measure 13.25” in diameter, and the amount of laughter and smiles that you get from it could very well be worth the purchase price alone, apart from its practicality, of course.

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