Log Head Rest Pillow

by edwin - on October 8th, 2013

Leading a monastic lifestyle does have its fair share of benefits, such as how quiet things can get, and how peaceful your life would be. Well, there are also some “downsides”, if you see it that way, since you would most probably have to lead a life that is extremely frugal, and who knows, it might involve a very stoic range of furniture as well. I am not referring to a bed of nails, but how about a log or a rock as your pillow? Perhaps there might not be any way to go around the kind of sparse diet that you take, but at least you can “cheat” with the $17.99 Log Head Rest Pillow. Yes sir, while you can rest your head on a freshly cut piece of log (or at least, that is what it looks like), there is no need to worry about termites eating through your pillow as you take a well deserved rest after a particularly difficult day.

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