Game Room Golf

by edwin - on October 3rd, 2013

Are you an avid golfer who absolutely loves the sport, so much so that you simply cannot live without going to the golf course at least twice a week? Well, here is something that might just drive the resident golf widow in your home nuts – by turning just about any room in the house into an 18 hole course thanks to the $24.99 Game Room Golf. This is a 22-piece set that will feature just about everything you need, where the handle for this special club even comes with a lever that allows you to control the lil’ guy’s swing. For real, it would look as though you have gone nuts when you start to play with this. Each purchase will feature a large golfer club, half a dozen mini clubs for him to use, a miniature golf green, a dozen golf balls, one mini flag and a tee box.

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