Fartzooka Fart Gun

by edwin - on October 28th, 2013

Ah, the topic of farts can be quite an uncomfortable one. I think when it comes to farts, “experiencing” one while one is in an elevator is the worst kind – especially when it is of the silent variety, as those tend to stink the most. Well, some of us might actually be crazy enough to get involved in farting contests (these tend to happen when you and your mates have had a little bit too much to drink), so why not gain an edge over your rivals with the $9.99 Fartzooka Fart Gun? You can say that this is the ultimate in fart warfare, where it will blast your opponent with farts which are so loud and obnoxious, they would definitely cringe and surrender. Using it is a snap, just pull back on the handle to load the farts, before you push the handle forward so that the farts will explode outward.

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