Emoticon Keyboard Stickers

by edwin - on October 4th, 2013

For folks who spend a long time in front of the computer all day long, it can get pretty boring after some time. Perhaps it is the dull color of the office wall paint that you have just noticed it started to peel, or the clickety-clack of the keyboard that has a soothing and yet irritating sound to it after you realize that there is a 100 page report which you still have to type out. Well, perhaps it is time to spruce things up a little bit, so why not add a dash of color to your cubicle with the $5.99 Emoticon Keyboard Stickers? These are stickers that would ensure your keys make some silly faces in your direction, while keeping you entertained with funny phrases. For instance, whenever there is someone whom you do not get along well with who walks by, just push the “terminate” button, and imagine them disappearing in a puff of smoke! Other colleagues might wonder how come you chuckle to yourself from time to time though with such behavior.

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