Dribble Glass Prank

by edwin - on October 18th, 2013

Are you the regular prankster at the office? If you are, then you would surely have come up with an array of pranks and practical jokes in your collection already, so why not add one more to the mix with the $6.99 Dribble Glass Prank? This is one of the more tried and true pranks for the ages, where it resembles a regular drinking glass. When you offer an ice cold glass of water (anything else might be more risky, since no one would like some Coke or iced chocolate spill on their designer clothes) to play your part of the Good Samaritan to your intended victim, he or she would take a swig – only to realize shortly after that there are tiny etched holes in the glass itself which will send water splashing at him or her. These holds are discreetly hidden within the glass pattern, so even the most eagle eyed of them might miss it after all.

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