Belt Mistletoe helps you score free kisses with the right person

by edwin - on October 31st, 2013

Forget about bringing a mistletoe with you in your pocket secretly, where it might get all mashed up into nothing with all of that walking around that you do throughout the day. Why not do so in style, with the £6.99 Belt Mistletoe? Who knows, this mistletoe might just be able to wield the irresistible power of that elusive mistletoe which you have been on the lookout for, being a charming and legally binding non-verbal contract. All you need to do is to clip this Belt Mistletoe onto your waistband, hat, glasses, bracelet, or just about wherever you fancy so that you can have a kiss on that person whom you have been looking out for for a long time. Since it is made out of hard wearing plastic, expect it to last for a fair number of years unlike a natural mistletoe.

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