Banana Massager

by edwin - on October 7th, 2013

It is one thing to go bananas, but it is also absolutely another if you were to fall head over heels with the tropical fruit known as the banana. After all, bananas have been proven to arrive with both vitamin B6 and tryptophan, where they are said to make you feel a whole lot happier as well as more relaxed, and I guess this is why this particular $12.99 Banana Massager has been shaped in that manner. It sure as heck looks like any other ordinary banana, where it will go about creating a powerful vibration which would make you go all bananas by relaxing you and rejuvenating your nerves. It is definitely ideal for relieving sore muscles, not to mention elicit a laugh or two from time to time. This is one banana that is huge – measuring 6.75” in length, and it will not run off sunshine and water, but rather, a couple of AA batteries to deliver soothing relief.

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