Tentacle Pen

by edwin - on September 12th, 2013

One of my favorite Disney movie franchises have nothing to do with animated cartoons, but rather, Johnny Depp’s portrayal as Captain Jack Sparrow and his merry bunch of half past six pirates. Having said that, the Kraken is one of the more imposing “beastie” in the entire film, capable of swallowing ships whole at the behest of whoever controls the Flying Dutchman, not to mention being one tough monster that can take a fair amount of cannon fire. Well, you might not be all that adventurous to live the life on the seven seas, but you can certainly pen down your inner thoughts on how such an adventure would pan out in an alternate life, which is where the $5.99 Tentacle Pen might help give you some inspiration. Needless to say, it only comes with black ink, anything else would be travesty.

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