Tea Shirt Infuser

by edwin - on September 24th, 2013

Coffee and tea – these are two beverages that have split people right down the middle over the years as to which particular drink is better, and there is also a bit of a popularity contest going on here. It really depends on the person drinking it, and I myself do not mind settling for both – after all, why not enjoy the best of both worlds? If you love to prepare your tea carefully, then chances are pretty high that you would also need an infuser of sorts, and this is where the $12.99 Tea Shirt Infuser comes in handy. The Tea Shirt Infuser arrives in an extremely cute green t-shirt design, and it comes with a chain that has an attached plastic clothespin on the end. This clothespin allows you to add reminders, love notes, and who knows, your preferred order? Heck, the clip can also be used to hold the infuser up to dry out when you’re done drinking, now how about that?

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