Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling

by edwin - on September 20th, 2013

Kids these days seem to have a plethora of toys and games to choose from when they are growing up, and the adults are the ones who do all the imaginative thinking on their behalf, so that they need not have to use any of their grey matter up there. Back then before the age of the Game Boy, playing had nothing to do with video games, but it involved running around in the great outdoors, with our imagination setting the correct scene that will play out by itself. Thumb wrestling is another game that could keep bored kids occupied, although after a while you might hear protests that the other person is cheating. How about introducing a Star Wars slant to it with the $12.99 Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling? You can now thumb wrestle with lightsabers., where the book comes with seven different arenas which span across all 6 movies, coupled with the main attraction – two thumbsabers.

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