Spaceship Cookie Cutters

by edwin - on September 13th, 2013

There is nothing quite like baking your very own cookies for the entire family, is there? At least you know what kind of ingredients have gone in there, and have a choice of giving your family nothing but the very best. Well, getting the right ingredients is one thing, but making sure your cookies look palatable is another, as a good presentation does whet the appetite to a certain degree, too. The £7.99 Spaceship Cookie Cutters from Firebox ought to do the trick if you want to feed an army of Stormtroopers or Starfleet officers. When you place your order, the Cookie Cutters will be blind-picked, so whatever you get depends on your luck. At the very least, the Spaceship Cookie Cutters would let you bake your own free-standing 3D cookie spaceships.

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