Scooter Bunny LED Key Chain

by edwin - on September 10th, 2013

Whenever someone returns from a journey overseas and brings you a gift that is either a generic “place” t-shirt or a keychain, you know for sure that he or she has either run extremely low on funds to bring home a keepsake, or does not rank you too high on his or her “friends” list. I guess you would have amassed a collection of key chains by now to form the United Nations on your own, but how about spending just $5.99 to get the Scooter Bunny LED Key Chain? It will definitely bring something different to what you (and many others) have seen to date, as this bunny looks all too happy to glide around on his scooter, making you feel as though it is time for your next holiday, too. Not only that, gently squeezing his tail will illuminate the scooter’s LED headlight, now how about that?

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