Gum-Me Bear Teether

by edwin - on September 16th, 2013

A cranky baby is not one who is easy to placate, and there are a few reasons that said baby could end up more moody than you getting lambasted at the office by the boss on Monday morning for the mistakes of other colleagues. Among them include being hungry, needing a diaper change, or simply that baby has started teething, which is why he or she needs something in their mouth to soothe the pain. Enter the $9.49 Gum-Me Bear Teether that adds a dash of “glamor”, and it is definitely able to elicit laughter from those who come across your bundle of joy, not to mention that it would make for a fantastic photo opportunity that would make your kid stand out from the rest in his or her baby photos many years down the road. Best of all is, this is sugar-free!

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