Dashboard Dancer Man Eating Shark

by edwin - on September 8th, 2013

Anyone who has watched Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws” for the first time in their entire life when the film was first shown all those years ago would certainly have come away with one particular question whenever they go to the beach after that – “Is there a shark swimming around somewhere, in particular, a great white?” Of course, plenty of awareness programs and years later, we do know that infinitely more sharks are harvested for their fins compared to humans killed by sharks each year, and even then, that is because they mistake us for a seal or some other prey, and not just because we’re hapless humans in the water paddling about. If you want a cool dashboard piece to adorn your car, how about the $9.99 Dashboard Dancer Man Eating Shark that is sure to elicit some questions or at least laughs from your passengers.

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