Catnip Caves

by edwin - on September 19th, 2013

Batman has his Batcave, the Fantastic Four have the Baxter Building, the X-Men have their X-Mansion, while Tony Stark has Stark Tower – but what about the true king in your home, your feline friend? Well, the entire house is its domain, but perhaps you might want to take advantage of its weakness, by getting it the far smaller $5.99 Catnip Caves. Of course, explaining austerity measures to a cat was never going to succeed right from the get go, but with the Catnip Caves, it will draw your feline friend back to it over and over again. How so, you ask? Well, cat interaction with bag releases catnip, and the nano technology involved is capable of providing long-lasting scent. Of course, whatever happens to your cat’s behavior after that is not our responsibility…

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