Bathroom Guest Book

by edwin - on September 7th, 2013

If you get the feeling that you are being too serious in life because most of your family and friends say that about you, perhaps it is time to introduce a new groove. Assuming you do host guests in your home from time time, how about placing this $14.19 Bathroom Guest Book right outside your bathroom? It is sure to amuse whoever is about to use your bathroom, not to mention keep a record of who has been in there so that you can more or less have a better idea on the possible culprit(s) who dirtied your freshly cleaned bathroom. Not only that, it also allows your guests to express themselves and who knows, they might even leave a compliment for you on how well your home decorative taste is. Of course, leaving the same pen or pencil there might not be the most hygienic writing tool in the house…

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