Zombie Eye Paperweight

by edwin - on August 1st, 2013

Remember the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, where one of the pirates had one of the Nine Pieces of Eight, which so happened to be his wooden eye? That might look and sound gross, but I am quite sure that when the zombie apocalypse happens in full force, a zombie’s eye would be even more unpalatable. Which is why conditioning yourself before such a scenario arises would be the right thing to do, and this is where the $24.99 Zombie Eye Paperweight comes in handy. Stare back at this Zombie Eye Paperweight each day at your desk, all the while it does its job of keeping whatever papers underneath it in check without flying all over the place. Not only that, it serves as a great conversation starter, and you can always psyche out a potential intern who drops by your office for an interview by making a strange and scary story on how you came about the Zombie Eye Paperweight. This is a handmade item, so no two will be alike, just like how all zombie eyes should be.

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