Tetris Stress Blocks

by edwin - on August 20th, 2013

Everyone loves a good game of Tetris, as there is just something about placing all of these blocks together, stacking them up nicely in order to achieve a ‘Tetris’ with the right tetriminos. Well, sometimes when you have played the game for one too many times, you might end up with images of different blocks swimming around your head, including the famous ditty of the original. Perhaps it is time to get some real life tetriminos in your hands, and this can be achieved thanks to the Tetris Stress Blocks. Depending on the particular shape that you have chosen, it will cost you anywhere from $5.99 to $9.99, being made out of squishy stress ball material so that you can squeeze the day’s stress away. This is an officially licensed Tetris collectible, and it would also come in handy when you closed off that column after waiting for the “I” tetrimino for the longest time, only to have it appear shortly afterwards.

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