Shark! Heat Sensitive Mug

by edwin - on August 30th, 2013

Have you watched the film “Jaws” before? I am quite sure that for those who have given the movie a go for the first time in their lives back in the day, you would have been scared to even go near the beach, preferring to stick close to the local swimming pool instead. I guess sharks received a fair amount of their undeserved bad rep via Jaws, but it is no excuse for ignorance, fear and a lack of information concerning sharks for us humans to mistreat and be scared of them. Well, you can have some shark fun, except that it will be on your desktop this time around thanks to the $10.39 Shark! Heat Sensitive Mug. Each time you sit down to enjoy your favorite hot beverage, the Shark! Heat Sensitive Mug will work its magic and turn the innocent beach scene into a terrifying sight on the spot.

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