Pirate vs. Ninja Corn Skewers

by edwin - on August 1st, 2013

I say, mate, this is definitely a very strange name for a bunch of skewers, don’t you think so? During one of your more drunken moments at the bar, chances are you and your mates have argued over who would win in a fight – the tough pirate, or a ninja whose greatest weapon is stealth. Why not put the argument on hold over a BBQ by using the $6.59 Pirate vs. Ninja Corn Skewers? I would gladly settle for a truce as both pirates and ninjas sit down at the same table, munching on some corn while watching their favorite movie on a big screen TV. Now that is definitely one thing that both sides should be able to agree on, don’t you think so? At least at the next BBQ, no matter how heated the argument gets, your fingers will remain cool and your hands clean thanks to the Pirate Vs. Ninja Corn Skewers.

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