Growing Poop

by edwin - on August 4th, 2013

No one likes poop, especially when you step on some of the “bombs” on the sidewalk. After all, not only does poop leave a terrible stench on the sole of your shoes, it will also stain everywhere you walk, at least until you wash it all off. Having said that, pranksters out there love to have something to do with poop most of the time, including fart jokes, fart sprays, whoopee cushions, the like – and now we have the $3.99 Growing Poop. It is the perfect candidate to make its way to Foolish Gadgets, as only devices that come with the question, “Why would anyone want this?” will qualify. A little bit of water would turn this mini turd into a giant, blob turd overnight. The mathematician in you can measure the number of times it is larger than the original, but save yourself the trouble – it is approximately 600 times larger.

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