Googly Eye Glasses

by edwin - on August 9th, 2013

Sure, there has been instances of Googly Eye stickers in the past, but how many of those are stuck on objects instead of a real human, to turn what is real into a cartoon? Well, here we are with the $7.59 Googly Eye Glasses, which are actual googly eyes for real people. Yes sir, wearing a pair of these will make you look as though you actually have googly eyes stuck all over your regular eyes, making it look as though you were recently eye-bombed. Each pair of Googly Eye glasses will feature pupils that move whenever your head moves – kinetic energy is where it is at, dude! Even more interesting is the fact that you are able to see out of them, sorta – just don’t do anything important like driving, use a kitchen knife or play baseball with it, but it is enough for you to amble across a room.

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