Goatee Pacifier

by edwin - on August 21st, 2013

Little kids tend to be extremely cute, and that would be the best time to dress them up in all sorts of costumes, since they have yet to feel self-conscious. Of course, they would definitely feel embarrassed many years down the road when you show your boy’s photo to his fiancee, with him wearing a tutu and attempting a pirouette. Needless to say, modern day parents have not lost the fact that they can play dress up with their little ones, too, especially when you have “temptations” such as the $9.49 Goatee Pacifier. It has been specially designed to offer babies the comfort that they crave, all the while giving parents an opportunity to laugh and take a break. Made out of PVC-free, BPH-free materials that meets all child safety standards, you can rest easy in your purchase.

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