‘Follow Me Bring Beer’ Flip Flops

by edwin - on August 13th, 2013

There is nothing quite like enjoying a case of ice cold beer on a hot summer’s day, and if you happen to be single, that could very well be a snag – since you will need to fetch your beer yourself. However, if you are dating or married, there is a slight chance that the missus or your other half would not mind fetching you your six pack (the latter has a higher chance of doing so since she is so in love with you), but assuming you’re drop dead gorgeous and strangely single, wearing a pair of the £21.99 ‘Follow Me Bring Beer’ Flip Flops to the beach might make a whole lot more sense. Coming in black for men and a shade of red for the ladies, this pair of flip flops are guaranteed to elicit laughs behind you as you strut confidently at the beach. Made out from 4 layers of comfortable high quality EVA foam, each pair should last you for quite a while.

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