Day At The Beach – Desktop Vacation makes you wish could have a 6 month summer

by edwin - on August 26th, 2013

Just how long do you think that summers will last? Do you wish that summers could last for half a year instead of just three months, or in the case of some kids, they would prefer summer to last for the entire year simply because that would mean not having any kind of schools whatsoever. Well, you can now dream about it with the $9.95 Day At The Beach – Desktop Vacation. After all, if you are unable to find time to go to the beach, perhaps it would be great if you could let the “beach” arrive at your desk – thanks to this unique diorama of sorts. It requires all you need to enjoy the beach, although you might need to blow the fan at a bowl of salted water in your direction to make you feel as though it is the breeze heading your way. At least you need not slap some sunscreen on yourself…

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