Chainsaw Key Cover

by edwin - on August 30th, 2013

So, you think that you are one manly character who has what it takes to go up against the world? You might have proven your strength at home by opening up all the pickle jars without breaking a sweat, as well as killing roaches by squashing them flat with your hand, but do you have the character to wield a chainsaw while laughing maniacally, as though you are about to embark on a murderous spree? You might want to get some practice in with the $6.95 Chainsaw Key Cover though, as this particular gizmo will slip over your key, turning it into a miniature chainsaw. Heck, you can even lack imagination since it will actually make chainsaw sounds, now how about that? All it takes is a button press and your ears will be greeted by the sound effect of a gas-powered chain saw.

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