Buddha Butter Dish

by edwin - on August 18th, 2013

The laughing buddha is one of the more iconic images that might have caught your eye if you were to pay a visit to some temples in the east, and he seems to know something that the rest of us don’t – which could be the reason why he has been doing nothing but laughing away all along. Well, you too, can get a laughing buddha ornament for yourself, in the form of the $20.99 Buddha Butter Dish, although there is an extra “feature”, if I may call it so, attached to it – made out of ceramic, it is capable of holding a slab of butter on it, and also functions as a reminder to the rest of the folks over at the dinner table to bury the hatchet with one another coz the world needs to get along with one another, as there is more than enough violence going around already. The Buddha Butter Dish can be easily cleaned with soap and water for your added convenience.

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