Alligator Manhole Cover Doormat

by edwin - on August 15th, 2013

I am quite sure that by now, you are more than familiar with tales of flushing baby alligators down your toilet bowl, only to figure out a couple of decades later that the alligator which has come knocking on your front door was the same wee reptile that you disdainfully you thought you had gotten rid off all those years ago. I guess that is more or less an urban legend, but if you want to give your guests a scare, how about carefully placing this $17.99 Alligator Manhole Cover Doormat in your bathroom? It is more or less guaranteed to startle your less observant guests, before the more curious guests figure out that this is but a harmless doormat. One thing’s for sure though, it ain’t made out of alligator hide.

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