White Castle Burger Scented Candle

by edwin - on July 12th, 2013

Sometimes, smell can be a very strong stimulant, where it brings back memories of old as the scent hits your nose and your brain registers it. I am quite sure that many of you who grew up on fast food a couple of decades or more ago would remember White Castle and all the smells that came with it. Famous for its small and square hamburgers, you might not be able to get enough of White Castle until your doctor ordered you to steer clear of such food, since your cholesterol level is way too high to eat that way. It is just leafy greens from now on, and in order to stave off the inner carnivore in you from entering a bloodlust, how about getting the $14.99 White Castle Burger Scented Candle to help you out? The candle itself would arrive in a rectangular ceramic holder which would resemble the iconic White Castle Slider sandwich cardboard box.

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