Vino2Go Wine Sippy Cup

by edwin - on July 25th, 2013

There is nothing quite like a glass of fine wine to go along with that dinner of yours, but sometimes, especially moments when you are forever alone, it is not recommended for you to drink the entire bottle of wine all by yourself. It is just not good for your liver, and not so for your pocket, either. After all, booze is meant to be shared, right? Well, here is a potential solution that lets you bring a glass of wine with you wherever you go – in the form of the $15.99 Vino2Go Wine Sippy Cup. This is a double wall insulated wine tumbler that boasts a “floating” stem, ensuring that the ideal drinking temperature is maintained without having the glass “sweat”. Not only that, the lid will also ensure that bugs will not get in, while spills can be prevented.

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