The Original Chicken Handbag

by edwin - on July 1st, 2013

You could call this a clutch bag, but don’t you think that it is a whole lot more hilarious being known as the “clucktch bag” instead? That is what this £24.99 Original Chicken Handbag is all about, and until today, I myself would not have come to the conclusion that there is an original chicken handbag in the first place. Certainly it would take a lady who has plenty of guts to be able to carry this around and pull it off, for sure. The younger tweens might avoid this at all costs due to peer pressure in order to join in with the crowd, but I am not sure where the taste of cougars lie with this one. Anyone care to help me out? You might be the hottest chick in town while toting the Original Chicken Handbag!

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