Sugar (Might be salt) Tin

by edwin - on July 7th, 2013

There is nothing quite like fooling around with somebody else’s mind, and when one is hungry, the mind even does some pretty crazy stuff. After all, haven’t we all heard of the saying, “a hungry (wo)man is an angry (wo)man”? Well, some of us just need to have that pinch of salt on our dishes in order to make it jive with our taste buds, but at the dining table when you have a delectable spread laid out before everyone, here is a chance to have a little bit of fun with how everyone else thinks. The $9.99 Sugar (Might be salt) Tin is the Russian Roulette game for the day, as nothing is guaranteed until it is poured out. Would you like some salt in your coffee, or sugar on your steak? Life is full of risks, so you might as well take the chance here.

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