Spoiled Brat Pet Tag

by edwin - on July 8th, 2013

Do you agree that some pet owners simply spoil their pets silly? I am talking about dog spas and such, where them pooches get far better treatment than some monarch in the middle of Africa. We’re referring to pooches that are carried around all over the place, being treated to caviar during meal times, and if dogs could sample the finest wines in the world, I am quite sure their rich owners would also pop open a few bottles for them. It is for such dogs that you should gift them the $5.99 Spoiled Brat Pet Tag, where it is great for dogs, although cat lovers might also feel a tinge of jealousy and wish that their feline friends, too, would be able to wear one of these across their necks proudly. Snakes, fishes and birds will have to sit this one out though, sorry about that.

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