Splash Spoon Rest: Red

by edwin - on July 22nd, 2013

I am not quite sure about you, but when it comes to table manners, sometimes, discarding all formalities would be a better idea. After all, bland food, especially in good company, would eventually taste pretty good, as friendly banter is exchanged between one another. Some folks might prefer a more formal setting, where these would need things like spoon and chopstick rests and the ilk, but if you do not like such settings, and yet are forced to set up the table in such a manner, here is a compromise to ponder over – the $10.99 Splash Spoon Rest: Red. Needless to say, from the name itself, you know that it comes in red, and you will be able to accessorize your home with such a cool looking spoon rest that ensures your kitchen utensils will remain untouched where the kitchen counter is.

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