Saw Mug

by edwin - on July 27th, 2013

I for one, am looking forward to watch The Wolverine on the silver screen, after the rather disappointing outing of Wolverine: Origins a few years back. Hopefully we won’t have to see Logan go through some sappy moments with Silver Fox, and neither do we need to check out Australia’s favorite hunk at a sawmill. Speaking of a sawmill, if you happen to know anyone working there, how about getting them this $18.99 Saw Mug? It is the ideal way to start a morning, as you fill it up with a cuppa of your favorite brew, allowing all the caffeine to course through your veins and cut through the fog of morning in your head. It looks like a magic trick, sporting wood that’s being cut through, but in reality, it is the ideal mug for any lumberjack or carpenter whom you know.

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