Ring For Bells

by edwin - on July 18th, 2013

Were you brought up in an environment where you were the only child, and everything you wanted was always served on a silver platter? Not only that, you were always in the center of attention, and the first portion of each meal always ends up on your plate as you ended up as the family’s “little Emperor”. Of course, life would have taught you along the way that the world is not so accommodating outside of your family, and even when you have married the girl of your dreams, she will not bow down to your demands, but rather, would prefer you to take up the slack as the man of the house – a modern one, one who does the dishes and laundry in addition to gardening. Perhaps you can wistfully hope that the “good old days” would return, and why not drop such hints to your other half with the £4.95 Ring For Bells? Give a little tinkle and you will get served – ideally, and you can choose a bell that you can ring for tea, attention, help, beer or coffee. There’s no “Ring for a Slap” though…

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