Pistachio Nut Serving Bowls

by edwin - on July 5th, 2013

There is just this thing about pistachio nuts (if you are not allergic to nuts, that is) which are way too irresistible to munch all day long, as long as the supply of pistachio nuts continue to flow. Serving them to your guests, however, would require you to think – just what kind of bowl would you use? Some folks might not give two hoots about it, but not you. You, my friend, are someone who cares about what color matches the curtain, and even the socks must match with your inner garments. Hence, the £14.99 Pistachio Nut Serving Bowls would be the ideal purchase for your home, where it bears an uncanny resemblance to a real pistachio nut, except that it is a whole lot larger and much easier to open. The ingenious design ensures you are able to serve nuts in one half, while discarding shells in the other. Of course, it serves not only nuts, but olives, cherries, sweets and anything else that can fit.

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