Face It Stickers

by edwin - on July 30th, 2013

Life is just easier to get by when one is filled with joy and laughter. If you were to make an attempt to go through life with a long and sourpuss face, then it would definitely be a drag, and you might end up all the more depressed after that. If you know someone who is in a need of a pick-me-up moment, how about getting the $5.99 Face It Stickers and having a field day with it? After all, there is nothing quite like a couple of well placed googly eyes to lift the spirits of another. Your office is not the place to be at each Monday morning? Fret not – place the Face It Stickers all over the pantry, over your colleagues’ mugs, and see the atmosphere change in time. Each purchase comes with three dozen self-adhesive googly eyes in various shapes and sizes, in addition to three sheets of ‘feature’ stickers.

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